Commit ee4810cf authored by zlu's avatar zlu 🤸🏿
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Update compiled restaurants

parent 66719c05
......@@ -8193,7 +8193,7 @@ var _elm_lang$html$Html_Events$Options = F2(
var _user$project$Main$choices = _elm_lang$core$Array$fromList(
['Ceara', 'Burger Bros', 'Boamesa', 'Vila Lobos', 'Graveyard Hotdogs']));
['Ceara', 'Burger Bros', 'Boamesa', 'Vila Lobos', 'Manai', 'Itoshii Sushi', 'Graveyard Hotdogs']));
var _user$project$Main$subscriptions = function (model) {
return _elm_lang$core$Platform_Sub$none;
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